How We Work at MPI

Whether you’ve been a customer of ours since 1996 or you’re hearing about us for the first time, your success is always our main focus. Our diverse team allows for a great amount of flexibility in any of our programs. We work hard to see your vision and understand your objections. The more open you are as a partner the greater success we will share. MPI is here to help you establish and maintain your customer relationships. Lets work together in finding a creative solution tailored just for you!

Step 1: It's all about you!

Our first steps in helping you are understanding your brand and identifying your needs:

-What are your goals?
-Who is your competition?
-What is your budget?
-Who is your target?

Step 2: Finding The Right Fit!

Our second step is to take a look at what you’ve been doing, and to identify the areas that can be improved through the various channels that MPI has to offer. Our approach will take a look at the following areas and share our feedback based on our findings:

-What sort of marketing channels are you currently utilizing to promote your company?
-If you are using printed materials, are they up to date and relevant to modern technologies and sensibilities?
-If you have a website, how is the user experience and content quality of the site?
-How effective are your Social Media campaigns and are you maintaining a high ranking in SEO?
-Historically, which marketing campaigns have seen the most successes with your customer base, and which marketing campaigns have produced the least results?


One of our greatest strengths lies in our marketing department. Our in-house design team is not only experienced at creating and promoting marketing materials, but is also well-versed in sticking to timelines and measuring results after promotions
have run their course.

Lead Generation

MPI has an amazing Lead Generation outreach program. We have all of the resources to tackle any client list regardless of size or location. Time crunch? No problem. MPI does it all in the comfort of our own building!

Promotional Products

MPI understands the importance of brand identity and we are here to help get your name out there! We have an array of exceptional products waiting to promote your brand.