Tele Sales Representative


Tele Sales Representative


Our Tele Sales Representatives are trained sales specialists that are requires meeting specific benchmarks weekly. The standard benchmarks for a client are but not limited to: 155 dials per week, 31 contacts per week, and 2-3 appointments per week. One of the many things about MPI-Connect that separates us from other lead generation companies is our ability to be successful and be transparent. We created a tool call The Portal that allows our clients to see our results daily. Not only are we transparent to our clients; we are transparent to each other in the work place! Whether it is for call results or recorded calls, our transparency in the workplace only helps us constantly improve and grow.

Being a part of the MPI-Connect team means you are an outbound caller that is responsible for generating qualified leads for our clients. MPI-Connect team members work as an extension of our clients’ sales teams. As a member of the team, you are responsible for making a specified number of outbound dials by using the scripts, lists and other tools provided to you. Introducing the client, their products and/or services they offer to their prospects is just scratching the surface of what you do. Clients aren’t just paying us to generate leads. They are also paying us to gather information. Some examples would be updating the clients’ pipelines, clarifying and correcting contact information, or confirming the decision makers. There are many responsibilities that come with this position, but despite the sense of pressure you might feel here and there, it is important to us at MPI that you have fun. The more you enjoy what you do, the more successful you will be; And we want nothing but success for all our employees!

Clients are also nation-wide


1. Major Objective: Take personal and professional growth seriously: Day 1, enroll and start in MPI’s ‘Sales Academy’. MPI’s 18-month ‘Sales Academy’ will give you the skills and experience needed to be promoted within MPI or get placed into the sales career you are looking for.

2. Conquer the calling: Each Caller has weekly goals/metrics. 155 dials per client a week and set 2-3 appointments per client a week with C-suite level executives. If a Caller has 3 clients, you are responsible for a minimum of 465 dials a week and set 6 appointments a week. Within 6 months, successful Callers are meeting, or exceeding, the weekly goals and receiving a weekly bonus up to $100.

3. Dot all your I’s and cross all your T’s: Each day, gather and document all information obtained for the client in the clients lists or CRM. Record all calls with decision makers and upload them into the company Portal. Personally, responsible for tracking how many dials, contacts and appointments set, per session, calling on a client on company Portal. (each client has their own portal page to access 24/7, all the information gathered, results entered and recorded calls uploaded). Also have ability to be in each client’s personal CRM.

4. Manage your time to be efficient and effective: Be reliable and dependable to complete daily call schedules. Don’t be late/tardy, or miss 1 day of work, within first 30 days of starting. After 30 days, a review will take place. Solely responsible for knowing your assigned client’s (average 4 assigned clients) products/services, lead generation processes and appointment setting processes, as well as being responsible for all the calls and meeting the expectations of that client. (155 dials a week and 2-3 appointments a week, per client)

5. Honesty, integrity and complete transparency: 100% honesty, integrity and transparency are extremely important. It is something that most lead generation companies don’t offer to their clients, and is something MPI uses to sell our product. It is the biggest differentiator between us and our competition.
a. Honesty and integrity: We don’t want people sitting at their desk all day and only making 15 calls and then putting in the company portal they made 80 calls-this does not fly! Need people that will be honest as to why they are short on dials, or why they are having a hard time securing appointments. People that will ask the right questions and proactively ask for help, rather than trying to blame other things or people for why they aren’t meeting their weekly sales goals, will not be successful with MPI.
b. Transparency helps our clients give us immediate feedback on what we are doing for them. They listen to calls, correct us right away if we say something that is incorrect or something they don’t think is relevant. Because we can have this open and 100% transparent relationship with the client, they get to talk to their Caller and see their callers progress during the campaign, which helps obtaining renewals and signing longer contracts with clients.

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  • 16 May, 2017
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