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We believe there are many reasons MPI is different but our top three reasons are ongoing training, relationship management and transparency.

Ongoing training is critical for a successful cold calling campaign. We dedicated a large amount of time training our telesales represenatives with the use of role-playing, reviewing recorded calls and discussing client feedback. We also utilize daily company huddles and training sessions for group engagement and continued growth.

Relationship management provides you with one point of contact responsible for coordinating needs, tracking and discussing results on a weekly basis and assisting in campaign strategy.

Transparency is a huge part of our culture – both with our clients and our employees. We believe this is a major motivator of focus and success. To provide you with complete transparency, we have built a client portal that will give you immediate visibility to how your campaign is going. Your portal will show call results against our benchmarks, weekly call recording, active pipeline, updated prospect list, current call script and sales materials.

We pride ourselves on our level of transparency with our clients and employees. Our partnership with you is very important to us. That is why we have weekly check in meetings to discuss the details of the campaign, challenges, successes, needs, wants and next steps. We are in constant communication so nothing should ever be a surprise. MPI will always do the right thing.

MPI will bill monthly based on your contract agreement. We do not charge per lead or closed deal.

Every business has a target to go after that has likely been established during our sales presentation meeting. One of the many benefits of working with us is data mining. We may discover that your target needs to change in order to achieve greater success. Furthermore, we will work off a prospect list you have provided or a list we have sourced for you.

The majority of businesses don’t have a list and if they do, it’s highly likely it needs some help. We have an in-house database specialist who handles all of our list projects. At MPI, we have our own internal database, and we are also able to source a new list for your business based on your criteria. These lists are an additional cost to you but in the end they are yours to keep! We have several credible and trusted list vendors that we work closely with on a daily basis. MPI will continue to nurture, update, fix and source data throughout our partnership to assist in a successful call campaign.

Once our telesales representative gets an appointment, he or she will send out a calendar invite to your team using your requested email address. Next, our telesales representative will send a lead pass to your team with all appointment details, including a recorded call. We then update our pipeline. Once you receive the lead pass from MPI, it is up to your sales team to do what they do best – sell! MPI offers appointment confirmation calls to prevent no-shows (though this is not a standard part of our appointment setting process).

There are many factors to determine how many reps will be assigned to your program, but it ultimately comes down to the agreed upon dials per week stated in your contract. One telesales representative will get you a minimum of 155 dials per week. We pro-actively cross train additional telesales reps to prepare ourselves for absent reps or increased volume, which eliminates any program down time.

While we can’t guarantee any set number of appointments, we can guarantee a minimum of 155 dials per week on your behalf. Each program is unique with many moving parts, making it unethical for us to blindly tell you a definite number.  We can tell you that based on our experience, we typically execute two appointments per week per client. Yes, there are other companies out there that guarantee appointments however, we have learned that these appointments aren’t always the best quality, resulting in no-shows or not qualified – we don’t operate that way.

At MPI, we are proud of our extensive onboarding and training process, which is one of many attributes that set us apart from other lead generation services. It starts with our client objective form, which captures crucial information about your business, product or service, target and more. Our onboarding specialist spends a minimum of 20 hours dedicated to studying, researching and developing materials for your program. Additionally, our onboarding specialist works closely with your team to make sure we are on the right track every step of the way. We have created an effective schedule to keep things moving as quickly as possible. Once you approve the materials, our telesales representatives are trained on the ins and outs of your program and go through extensive role-playing to nail their pitch! Each telesales representative must pass our certification process prior to calling on your behalf.

MPI has 20 years of experience cold calling for many industries, to many titles, delivering messages about various products and services. Working in several verticals over the years has helped us develop an efficient onboarding and training process. We are confident in these processes and believe that we are one of the most flexible companies you’ll ever work with. Each client we have is unique in its own way – no two programs are alike. It’s important for you to know that if at any point in the sales process we feel that we aren’t a good fit for you, we will tell you.

MPI started in 1996 and has more than 20 years of experience cold calling for B2B product and services companies. Our broad-based phone selling skills enable us to better understand the types of decision makers you need to connect with, and the business challenges your products and services solve. With MPI you know you will get professional introductions and qualified appointments.