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“As I leave my current position, one of the best business decisions
I made was engaging in a lead generation program with MPI.”


We work hard to learn about your company and product/service inside and out. The learning process starts long before a contract is signed. In early stages of our partnership, we take time to educate ourselves on your company as much as possible to build a solid foundation. Our in-depth onboarding process helps us learn your goals, market, target and differentiators.


We work closely with your team to develop the perfect scripts and content for each campaign. Persona development is created to maximize messaging to your target audience through building prospecting lists. We will continue to expand and update your list throughout our partnership.


AT MPI, we put a lot of time, energy and effort into training our telesales representatives on your company and product. We continue to train our team each week on new objectives or campaign changes. Not only do we train our team on a campaign level, but we are constantly coaching our team on perfecting their roles to help promote continuous professional growth.


With proper collaboration and training in our thorough two-week onboarding process, we are off to the races! We have a clearly defined operational process that allows our campaigns to flow smoothly. Our ability to be successful and transparent, ultimately separates us from our competitors. All marketing content and social media campaigns are fully executed by our internal content creator and graphic designer.


As an extension of your team, we are fully committed to managing every aspect of your campaign on a daily basis. We monitor and track results every day through our portal. Weekly check-in meetings are critical for our teams to continue to progress and maximize the outcome of each program. Managing each campaign requires a lot of flexibility, which is one of our many unique qualities.


With daily hands-on exposure to your campaign, we have the ability to constantly strategize ways to improve and develop. During weekly check-ins, we work closely with your team to discuss and plan overcoming obstacles, adding cross marketing initiatives and future plans. We offer many services that work together seamlessly, filling the top half of your sales funnel. We are here to assist you in each step of the process.

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