Lead Generation Specialist II


Lead Generation Specialist II

After succeeding as a lead generation specialist I you have now gained more responsibilities and fill more of a management role. You will continue to work alongside program managers, assisting with all client management (run program summaries, marketing strategy, ect.), interacting with clients during the onboarding process, and working on special projects as needed. In this position, you will learn how to manage an assortment of clients across a variety of industries. The time spent with your project manager will teach you the importance of cross-selling and upselling services to help retain clients. After 12 months, you will gain exposure to the “ins and outs” of client management one-on-one! If you have a background or interest in client engagement, management, and team building this is a great position for you.

1. Assist program manager with client communication and results:
a. Join Program Manager(s) client calls
i. Participate in some weekly check-in calls with clients
ii. Interact with the onboarding process for new programs
iii. Identify potential issues found in programs and present them to program manager

2. Create client marketing strategies: Develop new client marketing strategies to generate more leads. These ideas will be presented to the program manager.
a. Identify an MPI service and/or product to upsell existing clients
b. Work with a telesales representative II to identify and document ways to improve clients experience and interaction.

3. Get up to speed on clients: After 90 days (3 months), get up to speed on all clients (up to 30) their program manager is supervising and give a brief description of each.

4. Develop cooperative internal relationships with key team members: Pioneer the collaboration between their program manager and leadership staff. Meet with program manager and key leadership staff to evaluate the current program, assess, problem solve and determine possible solutions for proper internal communication and overall client satisfaction.

5. Weekly check-in meetings with program manager(s).

6. Position yourself as a model for all other callers:
a. Meeting etiquette and involvement
b. Interactions with team members
c. Following call schedule
d. Communication on the improvements necessary for each program
e. Consistency
f. Professionalism

7. Conquer the calling: Complete two call programs each week under the same weekly goals/metrics of a telesales

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