Lead Generation Specialist


Lead Generation Specialist

The lead generation specialist position requires enthusiasm, leadership and teaching abilities. Lead generation specialist I, will work alongside program managers in a very hands-on role, assisting with training all employees, interacting with clients during the onboarding process, and working on special projects as needed. You have conquered cold calling and will be able to transfer your knowledge to new ‘Sales Academy’ students. After 12 months, you will have successfully trained and coached employees to become our inside sales team of tomorrow! If you have a background or interest in coaching, training and developing high performing teams and would like to be the bus driver that tackles this large and rewarding initiative, check out the details and let’s connect!

1. Improve and grow overall team management: Assist with coaching, training, and developing of all employees during group training sessions.

2. Assist in leading weekly group training: Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, for 1.5 hours, you will present and lead a training session.

3. Assist program manager with training:
a. Support changes to campaigns to add more outbound calls and/or train any additional MPI callers on the client to increase overall volume and success.
b. Aid the program manager to ensure all client information (scripts, list, manuals, etc.) is updated in the MPI Portal as needed.
c. Listen to telesales representatives recorded calls to ensure they are following their scripts and being effective.

4. Position yourself as a model for all other callers:
a. Meeting etiquette and involvement
b. Interactions with other team members
c. Following call schedule
d. Communication on the improvements necessary for each program
e. Consistency
f. Professionalism

5. Conquer the calling: Complete two call programs each week under the same weekly goals/metrics of a telesales representative: 155 dials per client a week and set 2-3 appointments per client a week with C-suite level executives.

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  • 27 Dec, 2017
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