Andrew // CEO

When Drew’s selling journey started at MPI, he was the stereotypical door to door salesman, yet his entrepreneurial mindset and two short prior calling arrangements, led him to bring MPI’s feet-on-the-street sales model in-house. Experiencing the transformation first-hand has shaped who he is now, the CEO and owner of MPI. As prospects become more consumed, it is challenging to connect, therefore Drew is constantly evolving and adding to the sales process to better serve clients. He works diligently with his team to stay in front of all opportunities and to see MPI’s potential. Drew has worked hard to create a fun but driven workplace where he has redefined the definition of transparency. When MPI reached it’s lowest point, Drew kept going because he was completely convinced in the organization’s ability to execute and be successful. His favorite part about his job is setting big goals and then working hard to develop employees to achieve them. He had a crystal-clear vision of where he wanted his company to go, and with endless hours of strategizing, MPI has shifted its core. Fun Fact: He's an avid golfer with tournament wins

Cally // Program Manager

Cally is our digital marketing specialist. She works closely with clients to create content, execute LinkedIn, HubSpot and other social media campaigns. She works with clients to develop, identify and target ideal personas. Cally assists in teaching applicable tools and platforms and serves as an expert on all social media technologies.

Fun fact about Cally: She loves to travel and has been to 20 states and 12 countries so far. Cally also speaks fluent French.

Tim // Operations Team Lead & Program Manager

Tim is the lead for our operations team. Tim aims to keep our team performing successfully with his organization and leadership experience. He always offers creative ideas to enhance our systems and relations. Additionally, Tim manages several programs meeting with our clients on a regular basis to maximize results, strategize future initiatives and help overcome campaign hurdles along the way. He works closely with our operations team to ensure campaigns are executed beyond our client's expectations.

Fun fact about Tim: He plays professional frisbee golf!

Jessica // Data Manager

Jessica is our data manager. She is in charge of all data from CRM to list management, to any and all database provided to our clients. Jessica also manages our internal IT systems.

Fun fact about Jessica: Jessica is a 6-time Fantasy Football champion

Danielle // Graphic Designer

Danielle is our graphic design and marketing coordinator. She works closely with Cally to produce and design content that fits our client’s brand and image. Danielle is involved in high level marketing strategy, content development and execution. She works closely with our clients to create near flawless, creative and cohesive campaigns that maintain your brand integrity and appeal to your established personas.

Fun fact about Danielle: When she isn't working, she is spending her time outdoors camping, hiking, biking, running, kayaking, fishing and snowboarding.

Ryan // Training and Quality Assurance

Ryan handles quality assurance and training and development at MPI. In QA, Ryan aims to perfect the script, document objections and create strategies for our telesales reps to implement. He then coaches our team on ways to improve. From creating training documents, conducting role plays and analyzing recorded calls, he utilizes many techniques to prepare and enhance our reps performance. Ryan is a vital player in program success.

Fun fact about Ryan: He is creating a video game.

Evan // Training and Quality Assurance

Evan is a key player on our quality assurance and training and development team. Evan evaluates campaign performance by listening to recorded calls and providing valuable feedback to our sales reps on a daily basis. He helps enhance client messaging and delivery. Evan also helps our reps to overcome campaign objections by creating and implementing new strategies. From assisting in the creation of training documents to conducting role plays, Evan is a very important part of our team! He channels his creativity by working on our internal social media outlets as well as client accounts.

Fun fact about Evan: Evan loves to sing! (and is quite talented actually)

Nakia // Talent Development Manager

Nakia is always on the hunt for our next best hire. She runs point on recruiting, interviewing, reviews, employee development and Sales Academy growth. She plays a critical role in new employee training as well as continuous group training. Nakia also helps organize community involvement opportunities and other company events that keep our culture alive.

Fun fact about Nakia: She is 25 years old and I doesn't have a drivers license! Nakia also participates in Milwaukee’s underwear bike ride every month in the summer.

Christine // Onboarding & Training Specialist

Christine collaborates with our program managers and runs point our 10-day onboarding process. She dedicates her time doing extensive research to get to gain the deepest understanding of our new clients. Christine's background in training brings innovative learning strategies to our team on a regular basis making our client training extremely effective.

New Business Development Team

Our new business development team is on the front line of bringing in new business. Their focus is selling lead generation solutions to companies throughout the United States. Let them be a tremendous resource to help you fill the top of your sales funnel with more qualified leads!


Mark has worked at MPI for six years making him our top new business development rep.

Fun fact about Mark: Mark is a Hodag (Rhinelander native).


Fun fact about Angela: She can shotgun a Four Loko like nobody's business.


Trucker is our office pup! She is a sweet (and slightly sassy) French Bulldog. If you visit our office you will likely be greeted by her large bark and have the opportunity to play ball with her. She loves to bring laughter and entertainment to our team.

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