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MPI is a company based in the heart of the midwest, Milwaukee Wisconsin. Our office is one block away from the Bucks basketball arena and is located among Milwaukee's thriving business and entertainment sector. We truly care about giving back to the communities we work and live in, as well as the communities of our clients. We've worked with over 20 different industries throughout the country as well as two international locations. This has helped us develop impactful partnerships all over the U.S. and we are excited to see them continue to grow.

Transparency is a huge part of our culture – both with our clients and our employees. We believe this is a major motivator for the focus and success of our team. To provide you with complete transparency, we have built a client portal that will give you immediate visibility, showcasing how your campaign is going. Your portal will show call results against our benchmarks, weekly call recordings, active pipeline, updated prospect list, current call script and sales materials.

Ongoing training is critical for a successful cold calling campaign. We dedicate a large amount of time training our telesales representatives with the use of role-playing, reviewing recorded calls and discussing client feedback. We also utilize daily company huddles and training sessions for group engagement and collaboration. Our training has a strong focus on sales development so our team is constantly perfecting and growing their professional career.

Relationship management provides you with one point of contact responsible for coordinating needs, tracking and discussing results on a weekly basis and assisting in campaign strategy. Your program manager takes care of all campaign components which makes the lead generation process easy on your end. This eliminates the need for you to hire, fire, pay, motivate and manage internal employees.


Our upbeat professional culture is the most important aspect to us. We strive to create an environment that gets people excited to go to work in the morning. We kick off our mornings with a group huddle and sometimes a team stretch to get our blood moving! Our MPI team is a group of energetic individuals who love what they do! When it's time to work, we work HARD and when it's time to have fun... well let's just say we fun hard too.

Having this unique culture attracts and retains individuals who take pride in their job and are invested in their future.


We understand sales. We have been doing this for a long time and that means we've learned a lot. Our experience has turned us into a top lead generation resource. MPI knows and deeply understands the challenge that sales teams are facing daily. Trust us, we get it!

We are flexible. Knowing the different elements involved in the sales process has helped us to become flexible. We are proud of the fact that we can turn something around in no time at all. We can completely cater our campaigns to your industry, company and product needs.

Operations team. We have a thorough and impressive operations team that is constantly working behind the scenes to train, strategize, improve and grow our knowledge. You will have a lot of exposure to this amazing team.

Sales Academy. MPI invests a lot of time and effort into who we hire. We put all of our telesales representatives into our Sales Academy, allowing them to see their future in sales. We spend time figuring out what their goals are and then we help them achieve those goals. Whether they are growing within our company or finding better opportunities elsewhere, we are proud of our ability to shape the future of our business professionals.